The Genesis


The GenesisThe name ‘MOR' has its genesis in a modest haveli in a small village called Beri. Located near Didwana in Rajasthan, the haveli is home to a number of lovely peacocks (Mor). Upright and natural, the peacocks have transformed the landscape of the haveli, lent it a distinctive identity and the family a distinctive name – MOR.

The Migration

From the deserts of Rajasthan during the reign of Badshah Jehangir in the year 1662 AD to the city of pearls, Hyderabad, it has been a long and eventual journey for the MOR family. A journey of innumerable trails and successes that has shaped the evolution of MOR into the brand that it is today.


The Birth and Vision


The Birth & VisionThe admirable foresight and vision of our patriarch has been instrumental in the meteoric rise of MOR. He emphasised on earning the goodwill of medical practitioners, pharmaceutical industry and the common man by exemplary service. 36 plus years, the goodwill continues to grow on a strong note.

MOR and The Pharma Industry

Our patriarch Bharat Kumar Mor maintained a special relationship with representatives of the Pharma industry. Impressed with his knowledge and skill sets, they encouraged him to venture into the business of medical supplies. Thus, was born in September, 1969, the wholesale and distribution division of MOR CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS.

Over the years, this special relationship has grown stronger with more and more companies getting added to our impressive portfolio


The Birth and Vision


MOR is recognised for its exemplary service to the common man – the sick and the needy. A 1968 advertisement in the city's popular daily ‘The Deccan Chronicle', says it all. It's a service that continues to this day with greater vigour and commitment; a service that inspires us to rededicate ourselves with greater determination ahead.

You won't run out of supplies with our helpful service. We know your needs and will work with you to make sure you never run out of your medical supplies.

MOR – the perfect one-stop medical shop always.

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