Established by Bharat Kumar Mor in September, 1969,


has evolved into a respectable medical showroom that offers a complete range of home medical equipment and supplies of all respectable brands under one roof in a spacious 5,000 square feet area at one of Hyderabad’s premier business areas, Basheerbagh. The vision and philosophy of our founder is being successfully carried forward by Uday Mor, ably assisted by Sanjay Mor.

Our well-trained employees offer you a continually high standard of customer service providing help and advice whether it be with executing a prescription or gathering information on the product you seek from us. Every possible arrangement is made to ensure the availability of any medicine from anywhere, within a day or two.

Over the years, MOR CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS have maintained the finest of relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and goodwill. Today, we supply high quality, standard and hygienic medical, surgical and scientific equipment to hospitals/clinics, scientific and educational institutions, and aged homes.


MOR CHEMISTS AND DRUGGISTS is committed to providing medical products of the highest quality at competitive rates and ensure customers loyalty and trust with extraordinary emphasis on quality customer service exceeding customers' expectations

Quality Policy

At MOR, we emphasise on providing our customers w ith quality products. We continually seek to improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System (QMS) and its processes by periodic review of current quality policy and objectives to ensure its effectiveness at all times.

Why Us?

Because we make your purchase a pleasant and hassle-free affair with our superior customer focus, quality products and most importantly, our continued commitment to the society. Our major plus points:

  • Well-trained pharmacists.
  • Spacious showroom
  • Quality products with great selection choice
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Complete privacy
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

At MOR, we believe in seeing off every customer with a smile and his / her satisfaction.

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